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$15 Minimum Wage — Point-Counterpoint

Point: A $15 an Hour Minimum Wage Is a Start By Dean Baker President Biden has proposed raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour ... Read more

DEAR ABBY: Assistant works their way up only to be sidelined by boss

DEAR ABBY: When my boss hired me as an assistant four years ago, she specifically told me my job was to do whatever the person ... Read more

Will Ky. legislature double down on video gambling?

By RICHARD NELSON Commonwealth Policy Center Last week, the Kentucky Supreme Court denied the Horse Racing industry’s appeal to allow historical horse racing, aka video ... Read more

Learning the depth of our intolerance for free speech

By Billy Reed Last Monday, our nation was reeling as never before from the double whammy of a violent attack on our nation’s Capitol building, ... Read more

A view from the mountains
Happy to take the COVID vaccine

A lot of people, many whom I know well, are worried about the possible side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine. At one of the largest ... Read more

Kentucky must face harsh realities to achieve racial equity

By Ashli Watts Kentucky Chamber President and CEO Although 2020 was the most difficult year many have ever experienced, it is safe to say that ... Read more

Trip to civil rights museum one worth taking

As we prepare to observe the 92nd birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I find myself reflecting on a trip that taught me ... Read more

A view from the mountains

By Bill Hayes The great Tom Handy of London, a Republican, who was nearly Lt. Governor of Kentucky, and I, a Democrat, from Middlesboro, who ... Read more

Talking with students about Jan. 6, 2021

Throughout the course of my education career, I have engaged in numerous discussions on how and if schools should discuss and teach controversial topics with ... Read more

WATERS: Impeach or legislate?

When Amber, my server at a central Kentucky restaurant where I stopped to work and get some breakfast recently, saw my computer open to the ... Read more

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